Stuart Griggs is a visual artist of the imaginal, originally from Wales in the UK and currently living in Brighton. He has completed a BA in Fine Art painting at the University of Wales and has worked for many years as a graphic designer and illustrator. His work has been exhibited and featured internationally at galleries, festivals, cultural events and installation design projects.
Stuart’s work explores the intersections between drawing and digital art, synthesising the two into a unique and idiosyncratic language. He explores and offers a journey into the creative process that immerses and probes into the psychic pool of collective archetypal energies.
Multidimensional spaces and symbols merge together to manifest the primordial and the transpersonal. Abstract and representational elements are interwoven with themes of death and rebirth, hope, mysticism, animism, fertility, ritual and flow. The creative outcome is a cross cultural fusion that utilises new technology while integrating archaic elements and stylistic influences from symbolism, surrealism, abstraction, and contemporary art. This visionary approach is a mirror of the necessity of our current times to find new emerging paradigms of interconnectivity within ourselves and nature.
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