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Pleased to have some work in this excellent new book.This book is an exploration of the latest developments from the flourishing field of modern psychedelic psychotherapy 

Pleased to be partcipating in this great upcoming international online show

I will be partcipating in this great upcoming online show

Next Exhibition – Fêlures et Lumière — Cracks and Light 

 Atelier Gustave 36 rue Boissonade 75014 Paris

December 2–6, 2019

 Curated by Liba WS–Dreams & Divinities

Pleased to be showing new work at the international art gallery in Breaking Convention , 

Psychedelic Conference in August 19 , Greenwich University , London.

I have work featured in this fascinating new book. Its available from April 19 from all major bookstores.

I will have work exhibited at the World Ayahuasca Conference in Girona, Spain – May 31/19. It is an  amazing event with a great  line up of artists, researchers and cutting edge thinkers.

I will be  making live art and have work displayed at Rainbow serpent Evolve gallery in Melbourne , Australia. January 2018

An upcycled installation based on my design at Boom Festival, Portugal, August 2018

Dreams & Divinities is collaborating with the art collective Semillas de la Anaconda to bring conscious art to the gathering in the form of galleries and murals. This art will remain in the community as a blessing for the healing of our communities and our relation to the earth.

The art will be displayed in various common areas where councils and workshops will take place. This includes the Ancestral Maloka where the elders will gather for Wisdom exchanges.

I will be curating a gallery and exhibiting work at – Breaking Convention , Psychedelic Conference June 30, July 2 , Greenwich University , London

I will be participating in New Earth Festival in Bali in April. It features a symposium (talks and debates), music and performance, healing, art and creation and Wisdom Keepers. Ancient Futures will take place in an idyllic setting just outside Ubud, Bali. This is a seed event for visionary creatives, change makers and thought leaders who are bridge-builders between communities across the world and thereby inspire others and make a positive impact.

Pleased to be exhibiting at House of Alchemy , Exhibition of international visionary Artists in my city Brighton U.K.

Artists include Amanda Sage, Kuba Ambrose, Chris Dyer, Daniel Mirante and many more.

Open 9th – 14th May 2017.

I had the pleasure of designing a stage set design for the Boom Festival , Portugal  2016 . Click the link to view the epic project.

Exhibiting in Germany in August 2016 , with some great names in visionary and contemporary surrealist art.

Surrealism Now International Exhibition , includes artists from 29 countries 

– continues in November 2014 onward– Palace of Lousã , Coimbra , Portugal.

It is pleasure to be exhibiting my work at this visionary show in honor of  Fantastic painter HR Giger and Transpersonal Psychology legend Stanislav Grof.
The evening is a book launch for Stan Grof’s latest book ‘Modern Consciousness Research and The Understnding Of Art’ as well as an exhibition presenetd by MAPS (curated by Matthew Lessard) at the beautiful Bently Reserve in San Francisco.

 Breaking Convention 9 – 12 July London.

I will be exhibiting and talking on the position of Visionary Art  in is wider cultural context.
It is an image based presentation that  explores the psychedelic perspectives within visionary art in conjunction with that of the art world , popular culture , globalism .

Group show at Synergy Centre in  Brighton.

Group Exhibition at  Visionary Convergence –

Shamanism, Spirituality & Science ~ Visionary & Healing Plants ~ Plant Wisdom, Creativity & Art

September 25th ~ 27th, 2015
Big Art Church ~ 4975 W. Sunset Blvd. ~ Los Angeles, CA 90027


A Mystery School in Hyperspace: A Cultural History of Dmt Paperback. by  Graham St.John 

A fascinating , well researched tome that features my work .

The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs is written by Gromyko Semper, Liba W S, and Bruce Rimell, designed by Liba W Stambollion, and is illustrated by 105 of the world’s most talented artists, including Stuart Griggs. This remarkable edition is due for publication in late 2014.

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